Pristine Cleaning & Restoration - Death & Suicide Clean Up Dumfries & Galloway

Death, Suicide & Murder Scene Cleaning Specialists in Dumfries & Galloway

Coping with the death of a friend, family member or loved one is difficult. Having to remove their blood, bodily fluid, foul odours and contaminated belongings for the property is often to much to deal with both physically and emotionally. This is where Pristine Cleaning & Restoration can help. We are trained and experienced in the clean up of a death scene and fully aware of the hazards that it can pose. Our team of bio scene clean up technicians can restore any property back to a clean, safe and habitable environment.

As part of the cleaning process, we will thoroughly clean and sanitise any hard surfaces and belongings that may be affected. Sheets, bedding, curtains and other porous material that absorb odour will be disposed off unless otherwise instructed. The walls, ceilings and floors will receive a antimicrobial wash down to kill any bacteria that may be present. An ozone treatment is than undergone on the property to remove any unpleasant odours, leaving the property fresh and ready to be lived in.

As part of a death scene clean up, we'll provide a full inventory report with photos stating what furniture or personal belonging were disposed of.